California Taxes Are
the Highest in the US

Why Then, Is California So Broke?

California budget   california budget crisis

With all the taxes the State is collecting, the California should be RICH compared to other States.

Sacramento Owes Us Answers...
Call your Assemblyperson and State Senator and ask them. Is it government mismanagement or government corruption? There is NO OTHER ANSWER.

Taxation Without Accountability is just as unacceptable
as Taxation Without Representation

  • Highest Personal Income Tax - #1 in the Nation 
  • Highest Sales Tax - #1 in the Nation 
    • Various counties and municipalities add their own sales tax. L.A. County,for example, has 8.25% total sales tax - and going up in 2009
    • 3 States have no sales tax. All 3 have lower State income tax than California
  • High Property Tax Collections  

    california budget crisis

    • California might not have the highest tax rate, but it is one of the highest in dollars collected because real estate is so expensive.The State government collects more money because the property values are so much higher here.
    • The only reason property taxes aren't higher than they are is because fed up California citizens took the matter into their own hands by voting on Proposition 13 in 1978.
  • Highest Gasoline Tax - #1 in the Nation 
    • 44.5ยข per gallon - the highest in the U.S.
  • High Car Tax (Registration Stickers) 
    • Most people pay $100 or more for car registration annually, including all the extra fees and taxes that are added on.
    • The Vehicle License Fee (VLF) is a high added tax that most States don't impose on their people.
    • Governor Gray Davis TRIPLED the already-unreasonable tax. When Governer Schwarzenegger restored the original tax, he didn't go far enough. We are still far higher than almost every other State.
    • Most other States are $40-$50 per year
  • Highest Corporate Income Tax - 8.84%  - #9 in the Nation  
    • Bad for California jobs. 
      • Encourages employers to leave and take their jobs to other States with lower taxes.
      • Encourages employers to outsource jobs overseas
    • 3 States have NO corporate income tax.
    • 1 State has almost no corporate income tax.

california budget crisis

With all the taxes the State is collecting - far more than almost every other state - the State should be RICH.

California politicians are either SQUANDERING our money, or they're STEALING it. It's time that tax-paying Californians learn the truth.

If other States can make it on less money, why can't California make it on MORE money?

  • Where is the money going?
  • Who is pocketing OUR tax money?

California taxes

The Taxers Are Coming

 California tax reform